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1. Abstract

Our open source project LunaRCP provides very useful plug-ins to significantly ease the development of Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) applications. It covers a broad range of RCP topics, e.g. application startup, file operations, jobs API, SWT/JFace, database integration using Hibernate, etc.

2. History

LunaRCP has its roots in our project Pace & Pace! The problems we encountered developing this Eclipse RCP application resulted in very useful solutions - which in succession have been extracted into a generally usable project for developing Eclipse RCP applications called LunaRCP. Our purpose is to make your life a bit more easy by providing this project under the LGPL license, so that it may also be deployed in commercially developed environments.

3. Features

4. Download

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5. Credits

Used Licenses

LunaRCP contains software that is licensed under the following conditions: Please note that all licenses may contain a limitation of liability.


The following plug-ins are using the licenses:

Other Announcements

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation.

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