Pace & Place - The free GPS Outdoor Activity Software

A Brief Description

Pace & Place is a platform-independent application for managing and visualizing GPS data and sports training data likewise. It empowers the user to track training events and combine them with geographic data (e.g. GPS device records). Map, waypoint and track visualizations and associations with taken photos are frequent use cases as well.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform-independent, extensible application that is capable for providing support in all relevant use cases that appear when using GPS devices in combination with sporty activity! The software packages shipped together with some GPS devices or training devices often lack of usability, features, support for certain use cases, operating system support and so on.

Therefore we decided to create an application that unifies all the advantages and features we wished the existing applications should have. Heading towards this goal, we maintain some important basic principles for Pace & Place!

The application...

  • will support Linux systems as well as Windows,
  • will be highly customizable,
  • will use an easy way to be updated via the internet,
  • will provide high quality usability,
  • will ease the handling of GPS and training devices,
  • will be extensible by other developers in order to support new devices.
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Cross-Country Ski
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The GPS Component

The application provides support for several aspects of handling GPS devices and data. The GPS device support ensures easy transfer of waypoints, routes and tracks from and to various GPS devices. Furthermore an open interface guarantees the possibility to add support for future devices. This interface may be used by any third party developer.

Pace & Place supports the import and export of many common GPS file formats. We offer the possibility for any developer to add import/export functionality for new file formats. Besides a pure GPS file format converter the application provides several visualization and editing capabilities. The GPS component consists of multiple map views for waypoints, routes and tracks. Of course there is an altitude profile view too.

The Training Component

The sports aspect of Pace & Place mainly aims at professional training management and performance monitoring of individual athletes as well as teams and associations.
  • Monitor your individual training and progression over the time with many statistics and charts.
  • Browse all training activities.
  • Manage your personal training improvement.

The Photo Component

Pace & Place provides the ability to manage your photos in combination with your geographical data. It is easy to link your photos to certain positions on a map, to waypoints or to points of a track. Everyone may create his own "tour journal"!
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