Pace & Place - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pace & Place open source software?

Since version 0.4, yes. Older versions of Pace & Place were not open source, but freeware and therefore not commercial software. Anyway, Pace & Place uses a commercial icon set that is copyrighted. That´s why the icon files cannot be published as open source software. Every registered developer of the project has access to the whole icon library and is able to use it within the project.

Please note that our sub-project LunaRCP for Eclipse RCP application development is completely open source software.

How do I report a bug?

At the moment there is no automated way to submit a bug. Please follow this short guideline instead:
  1. Close the application, if possible.
  2. Windows: Open the "Windows Explorer" and navigate to your personal folder. Inside this folder you´ll find the application folder.
  3. Linux: Open a console window and navigate to the application folder inside your home folder: ~/.pace_and_place/
  4. Create an archive file of the folder "log" called "" or "log.tar.gz".
  5. Go to the bug tracker that is provided by
  6. We strongly recommend that you log in first. If you don´t have a SourceForge account yet, please create one.
  7. Add a new tracker item. Please select the correct application version (Group) und operating system (Category). Specify a meaningful summary and add a good description of the problem (Details).
  8. Attach the archive containing the log files and press "Add Artifact".
  9. Please be sure that we can reach you to ask additional questions. Add your email address to the bug description or use a working SourceForge account. Thank you!
You may also submit feature requests and other support issues here:

Which platforms do you support?

Pace & Place is based on platform independent Java technology and the Eclipse RCP platform. It currently runs on Windows and Linux. We plan to release for MacOS too, but have not done so yet. Please contact us if you need Pace & Place to run on another platform that is not currently supported!

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