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1. General Information

1.1 Description

RefactorDW is a tool based on Java technology that provides several capabilities for re-structuring and re-factoring existing DokuWiki article assets. This enables the user to re-structure the name space layout of DokuWiki (move, merge, rename, flatten) and to resolve naming conflicts between articles and/or name spaces. A typical use case for using RefactorDW is preparing the migration from DokuWiki to Confluence.

1.2 Hosting & License

2. Use Case Scenario

DokuWiki migrators might find using this tool helpful when preparing to migrate from DokuWiki to Confluence Wiki using Atlassian's UWC DokuWiki Converter, because there are some problems that have to be solved in order to migrate to Confluence successfully: UWC DokuWiki Converter assumes that all articles have unique names. If not they will get overridden without warning.

2.1 Naming Conflicts

Therefore the migrator has to assert that there are no naming conflicts. Possible naming conflicts are If one wants to preserve DokuWiki´s name space hierarchy when using UWC DokuWiki Converter, UWC will transform name spaces into articles. That might cause new naming conflicts that the migrator didn't notice before. RefactorDW solves all types of possible naming conflicts by analyzing DokuWiki´s article assets and renaming the conflicting elements (preserving all back links of course).

2.2 Refactoring

In most cases, before migration to Confluence, the DokuWiki name space layout must be refactored so that if fits the Confluence´s space philosophy which does not permit interlaced spaces. Therefore RefactorDW provides some useful refactoring and restructuring operations for DokuWiki article assets like moving/renaming name spaces, merging them or flattening their internal hierarchy. RefactorDW preserves all back links to the refactored elements.

3. RefactorDW Features

  1. Resolve all naming conflicts by renaming the conflicting DokuWiki elements into generated unique names:
  2. Provide batch operations (configured via XML config file) for refactoring and restructuring DokuWiki´s name space structure:
  3. Define batch operations by XML configuration file.

4. Download

Get RefactorDW from SourceForge.

5. Installation

5.1 Requirements

Running RefactorDW requires...

5.2 Configuration

RefactorDW is configured using a XML configuration file. For more information please see in the distribution package.

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